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Software upgrade Cisco Wireless LAN Controller

Start by transfering new code to the Wireless LAN Controller. Initiate predownloading by doing the following. Basically you’re setting the new SW as backup, and telling the APs to download the new SW, before setting the backup SW as primary.

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Enabling DHCP Address Assignment Required

This will force authenticating clients to use DHCP. If clients are configured with a static IP address, they are not allowed to authenticate to the SSID.

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Enabling LBS on Cisco Autonomous AP.

I have been doing a lot of Aeroscout RTLS lately. For testing purposes I’ve configured an Autonomous AP, for use with local installation of Aeroscout Location Engine.

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Software upgrading Catalyst 3850 switch stack

I just had the experience of upgrading a 3850 switch stack. This type of switch has a USB interface which allows for easy(read: faster!) file copying.

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Configuring Cisco Autonomous AP

This is how to set up a Cisco 2702I AP in Autonomous mode. The 2702i AP (and others) have two radios, namely Dot11Radio0 and Dot11Radio1, where the former is 2.4 GHz radio and the latter is 5 GHz.

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Disabling AironetIE on Cisco Mobility Express

The Mobility Express APs from Cisco run a type of software, which also contains an onboard Wireless LAN Controller. Contrary to most standalone WLCs from Cisco (2504, 3504, 5520, and so on), the Mobility Express controller GUI is simpler and … Continue reading

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Getting a C819G 4G LTE router to 4G LTE

The other day I was tasked with troubleshooting a Cisco 819G 4G router, as the customer was getting poor signal at its location. Being a newbie in the world of Network Engineering, I had never worked with one before. So … Continue reading

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Configuring DHCP pools on Cisco IOS switch

When preparing switches or Labbing, I’ve often found myself searching for configuration examples on configuring DHCP servers on Cisco IOS switches.

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